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University of Cincinnati College of Medicine directed 8 military patients with diagnosed PTSD to the PTSDStress.com program on their own personal computer. The self-reporting measurements displayed significant decreases in levels of stress as follows:

PTSDStress.com provides a web-based interactive program that relieves symptoms of PTSD and traumatic stress. Tested at the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine with veterans diagnosed with PTSD, it showed a 61% reduction in stress after using the program with residual affect at one-month follow-up; follow-up Limited sample showed residual effects one year from treatment. (Treatment Results: Baseline (pre-session) pre-EYE MOVEMENT MEMORY PROCESSING (EMMP) session subjective units of distress averaged 7.44 +/- 0.44 [M+/-SEM], but post-session subjective units of distress fell to 2.87 +/- 0.63. (1-10 scale where 10 = maximum distress, 1 = minimum distress.  

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