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"You’re life savers!"
"For 2 years I’ve been struggling with extreme anger and rage over an incident that occurred many years ago. To this point nothing has helped to dissipate it. It’s been a huge disruption to my life.*

After 2 sessions, I have found relief of the anger! By the end of the first session I felt a sense of calm, even while thinking about the incident, that I haven’t felt in years.*

My anger has dissipated! In thinking about the incident, I can recall it clearly and understand all its implications, but somehow the anger and rage simply aren’t present. Again, it’s hard to’s like being released from prison! You’re life savers!" Mary B., New Jersey*

"I finally feel safe again."
"After 30 years of being haunted by the memory of being held up at gun point, I finally feel safe again." Sue M., Oregon*

"Convenient and easy to use."
"Convenient and easy to use. Hands down the best way to take advantage of EMMP comfortably and confidentially." Carolyn D., Illinois*

"This site is truly a blessing."
"There are several events from my past that continued to cause me pain and distress. I couldn’t seem to let the past go, and what it was doing to me wasn’t pretty. After two sessions on your site, I was able to let go and move on. This site is truly a blessing for someone who needs to take back their life and move forward in a positive manner! Thank you so very much!" David F., Minnesota*

"I was noticeably calmer."
After using your program, I was noticeably calmer and had much less anxiety in the following days. The traumatic incident that I targeted seemed to be drained of its power after only a few sessions. With continued/consistent use I believe my panic and anxiety over childhood events will become a thing of the past." Sarah L., Colorado*

"I’ve been treated for PTSD for several years."
"I’ve been treated for PTSD for several years with talk therapy and medication. I found your website and had a session. Amazing! Not only did the memory let go of my mind, it’s FINALLY in the past, put away and dealt with." Bret L., Arizona*

"Immediate Relief."
"It was surprising the amount of immediate relief available through the exercises. I was impressed with the assistance it offered in helping me to calm down and relax." (OIF-Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran with PTSD & TBI, 80% disabled.)*

"A big deal."
"At first the whole thing felt weird, but I just decided to go with it. After all, what did I have to lose? I was at home, on my own, and it was going to take me ten or fifteen minutes to try. I followed the directions and picked something that happened in Iraq that really gets to me. I couldn't believe it actually helped. It ended with me feeling less pissed then normal about what happened and that is still the case weeks later. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is." (OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD & TBI, 100% disabled)*

"Calmer and more relaxed."
"I found it really hard at first to get through the session. It was hard and kind of stressful to try to recall the trauma while focusing on the moving light. But, I was surprised to find out after I completed the session I felt calmer and more relaxed. The same thing happened after my second session. I recalled the same trauma both times and I'm still calmer about that trauma. Progress is a good thing." (OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD and TBI)*

"A wonderful experience."
"The ability to create a calm environment through a virtual terminal was new to me but I have to say it worked well! It was a wonderful experience to find solace there when it couldn't be found elsewhere." (Veteran Wife with PTSD, STS, and TBI)*