Frequently asked questions about the program

1. Is the session completely confidential?
A. retains NO information other than your username and password for future login.
2. How long is a session?
A. A session lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.
3. How fast does the therapy work?
A. Most users can tell the difference after their first session. At most, a very few users may require 2 or 3 sessions. In very severe cases, users purchase the unlimited sessions for a year option and use it as needed.
4. Why does this therapy work better than other therapies?
A. Along with eye-movement which most experts believe contributes to a "loosening of stuck memories," the advantage of computer therapy is there is no therapist which for various reasons may block the patient from opening up because: they don't really know the therapist, opposite sex issues may arise, and it's difficult to verbalize the details and feelings of a traumatic memory that has not been processed. The computer makes no judgements, has no biases, won't see you on the street, and cannot be invasive or ask the wrong question too soon.