Users of this secure home computer program for PTSD symptoms and traumatic stress are calmer, more relaxed and have fewer traumatic memories. Relief lasts.

No registration or personal information is required. University of Cincinnati research showed 61% less stress in combat veterans after program use. Sessions are $10. Most users begin to experience relief in 1-3 sessions. A session lasts about 10 minutes and the relief is lasting.


University research shows 61% less stress after program use.

Dr. Thomas Geracioti, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, directed OIF-OEF veteran patients diagnosed with PTSD to use the program on their own personal computer. The self-reporting measurements displayed an average 61% decrease in levels of stress.

Why we developed this program and how it works.

This site was created for men and women with traumatic stress who were unable to find or afford effective treatment or didn't want to pay for private therapy or try to get help through the VA. We wanted to provide lasting relief that was anonymous, convenient and effective at a low cost.

The user listens to audio instructions and then visually follows programmed light movements on their computer screen. It costs $10 per session on our secure website and accepts credit cards but does not require a cardholder name for further anonymity and confidentiality.

The advantage of computer therapy is there is no therapist which for various reasons may block the man or women from opening up because they don't really know the therapist, opposite sex issues may arise, and it's difficult to verbalize the details and feelings of a traumatic memory that has not been processed. The computer makes no judgements, has no biases, won't see you on the street, and cannot be invasive or ask the wrong question too soon.
Do You Have PTSD or PSTD Symptoms?

  • Nightmares, flashbacks, memories of painful events
  • Feeling numb and disconnected
  • Becoming depressed, anxious, irritated, and panicky
  • Having difficulty sleeping and focusing on one thing
  • Difficulty relating to family and friends
  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol
  • Thoughts of suicide
"I finally feel safe"

"After 30 years of being haunted by the memory of being held up at gun point, I finally feel safe again."
(Sue M., Texas)

"Calmer and more relaxed"
I was surprised to find out after I completed the session I felt calmer and more relaxed. The same thing happened after my second session. I recalled the same trauma both times and I'm still calmer about that trauma. Progress is a good thing."
(OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD and TBI)

"A big deal"
"It ended with me feeling less pissed then normal about what happened and that is still the case weeks later. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is."
(OIF Combat Veteran with PTSD & TBI, 100% disabled)

"Immediate relief"
It was surprising the amount of immediate relief available through the exercises. I was impressed with the assistance it offered in helping me to calm down and relax." (OIF-Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran with PTSD & TBI, 80% disabled.)

Reduced PTSD symptoms after treatment

  • Reduced anxiety from PTSD and traumatic stress. Painful memories fade.
  • Fewer feelings of being "on edge"
  • Increased feelings of calm and relaxation
  • Reduced depression - mood improves
  • Reduced feeling of isolation and lonliness
  • Greater concentration and focus

"What did I have to lose?"
"My anxiety was sky high and drugs made me dopey. For $10, what did I have to lose? I was calmer after the first session and after a few more, I felt pretty much like a normal guy. It's stayed that way."
(OEF Combat Veteran with PTSD)

"No more memories about the fight."
"10 years after a firefight in the desert, I used the program and finally stopped having flashbacks and was sleeping better."
(OEF Combat veteran with PTSD)

"I was able to let go and move on."
"There are several events from my past that continued to cause me pain and distress. I couldn’t seem to let the past go, and what it was doing to me wasn’t pretty. After two sessions on your site, I was able to let go and move on."
(David F., Minnesota)


How this program reduces PTSD symptoms with lasting relief
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